The SLP law firm as a partner of companies and executives has been pursuing success-oriented and integrated advice for the benefit of our clients for over 10 years now under the slogan “We Do Labour Law”.

Our lawyers will convince you with expertise and a distinctive service idea. We represent employers both under Private and Public Law and executives in the fields of Employment and Labour Law.
We also support sales agencies and distributors in issues of Commercial/Distribution Law and also companies and shareholders in the process of formation and in (court) disputes in the field of Corporate Law.

Our individually tailored advice aims for practical solutions which are frequently far beyond pure Labour Law issues and which require a high expertise when intersecting other areas of law.

Flexible reaction times, fast case handling, smooth and modern communication with clients and reasonable fees make us a reliable partner.

Numerous service options, e. g. the support of the SLP HR consulting agency, round out our service portfolio. Thereby, we offer our clients professional support in all HR issues - one-stop.