Labour Law for companies and executives

  • Establishment, design and termination of employment relationships
  • Restructurings and company amendments
  • Negotiations with trade unions and also works/staff councils
  • HR-Compliance, Due Diligence
  • Law of public services and of churches
  • Law for managing directors, board members
  • Distribution Law (sales agents and Distributors)
  • Social Insurance Law

Establishment, design and termination of employment relationships

As specialized lawyers, we advise and represent you not only in all issues and lawsuits in connection with termination, but we are also equally qualified to support you in working out individual employment contracts for employees, executive staff members and business representatives and also collective conditions of employment.

We advise during the roll-out of contemporary compensation systems, demonstrate instruments for flexibilisation of working time and ensure the legal design of sophisticated conditions of employment, e. g. for temp work, foreign assignment or for company pension schemes.

Law of public services and of churches

Intersection Administrative Law

In the special area of Public Service Law and Clerical Service Law our expertise pertaining to service law in the fields of issues concerning Labour Law and Collective Bargaining Law are just as requested as are Services for the clearance of participation rights of the staff council or of the staff representation and for the wording of establishment agreements. Herein, we advise and represent local communities, administrative districts, public bodies and public-law institutions as well as clerical facilities.

Restructurings and company amendments

Another focus of our activities in legal advice is on all forms of restructuring of companies. We give advice and support on changes of the corporate form/reorganisations and develop practical solutions for transfers, outsourcing or asset deals just as for measures of redundancy, close-downs or company removals as part of restructuring.  

Law for managing directors, board members


We advise and represent management bodies of legal entities like managing directors of GmbHs and the board of directors of public limited liability companies in all issues concerning their engagement and institutional relationship and also supervisory and advisory boards regarding their Mandate.

Negotiations with trade unions and also works/staff councils

In negotiations with trade unions or with works/staff councils you can trust in our wide experience and expertise, e. g. if a reconciliation of interests and a redundancy scheme or company agreements of the field of the social employees’ co-determination have to be negotiated.

Distribution Law (sales agents and Distributors)


In the field of distribution law, we stand by your side for choosing the appropriate contract type - sales agent or distributor -, for designing contracts and also for dealing with demands for information, for giving excerpts of the books and demands for compensation in cases of termination of the contract. Additionally, we undertake the out-of-court representation or the litigation and also support you beyond that in court collection proceedings and compulsory enforcement measures.

HR-Compliance, Due Diligence

Regulatory compliance is, in view of the vast amount of regulation and the increasing number of official investigations, a core task within personnel management. It is for example concerned with bogus self-employment, compliance with the ArbZG (the Hours of Work Act) and data security. We support you in successfully implementing and revising compliance systems.

Within our team of specialists you will also find a reliable partner to carefully analyze the chances and risks involved in a personnel takeover and who performs due diligence in doing a complete impact assessment e.g. in connection with a company purchase/takeover or the foundation of a joint venture.



Social Insurance Law


Especially in the field of Social Insurance Law, important issues regarding the employer shall occur. If it is, for example, a matter of the legal handling of social law-based consequences of employment contracts, of the social insurance law-based company in the context of a foreign assignment, of models of early retirement and status declaratory reliefs for managing directors against the pension scheme or in the threatening cases of false self-employment phenomenon - with us, you have a reliable advisor by your side.


Labour Law is a sophisticated and unpredictable area of law. It is characterized by numerous laws, European directives, collective agreements, intersecting Tax Law and Social Insurance Law and also in an increasing extent by jurisdiction. A further issue is the difficulty to handle Labour Law and the seemingly fewer management options available.

With our 360° service portfolio around Labour Law, we do not only cover the main issues like the establishment, design and termination of employment relationships, but also restructurings, negotiations with trade unions and works councils and also litigation. We rather offer to our clients the possibility of integrated legal advice by our high expertise in surrounding fields of law. This also covers issues intersecting Administrative Law, Social Law, Commercial and Corporate Law.